Dispatching is the provision of workers who will perform work (on a temporary basis) for companies that require personnel due to illness, the need to replace personnel, or peak periods. After they are sent out, the temporary personnel are working in the service of the employment agency but under the supervision and direction of the hiring company. The hiring company shares responsibility for the working conditions of the temporary workers.


In the case of recruitment & selection (placement services) the contracting entity has a vacancy at the hiring company and contracts out the search for an appropriate candidate to a temporary employment agency. When the temporary employment agency has found a suitable candidate, an employment contract between the contracting entity and the individual seeking employment is created. Once placement has occurred, the individual seeking employment is therefore not working for the temporary employment agency.


In the temporary employment sector, the word secondment is often used for the dispatching or provision of a temporary worker to a hiring company in a case in which the length of the posting is established in advance and the temporary employment agency has an obligation to continue to pay wages. Whenever there is a lack of paid work during the detachment period, the temporary employment agency must pay the salary of the worker in question.


Payrolling refers to a situation in which a hiring company has selected a particular worker itself, but does not wish to hire or retain this worker. The temporary employment agency hires the worker and sends him or her out to the hiring company as a temporary worker. It is also referred to as payroll management when a company asks a temporary employment agency to administer its payroll.


It is increasingly difficult to find suitable staff on the Dutch labor market. The demand for qualified, motivated employees from EU countries is constantly increasing. We can provide cross-border employees and migrant workers. These groups of employees are motivated, flexible, and reliable, characterized by a low rate of absenteeism, and always 100% ready for you.


A fixed group of temporary employees that are immediately available to you! And with the maximum degree of flexibility? We specialize in the creation of pools, and on short notice we can create a pool of employees that will be directly available to you at all times. You identify the task and conditions, our pool employees do the rest. With this system, you will have absolutely no regrets in connection with the hiring of additional staff to your company.