Looking for a job? Perhaps we can help you. Via dispatch or payroll or much more. We are active within a number of sectors and can therefore carry out a focused search on your behalf and arrange direct introductions to top employers in the Netherlands.


Working on a temporary basis offers a great deal of flexibility. You can work at times that suit you and in the roles and the sector that you prefer.

Recruitment & Selection

Increasingly, we are being asked to find new employees and select appropriate ones. In such cases, you will be screened for a job and will then directly enter employment in a new organization.


Secondment is another possibility we offer. In the case of secondment, you will be placed with one or more organizations via us and work in those organizations for a certain period of time. Secondment offers more certainty.


In the case of payrolling, you work in an organization for which we carry out personnel and salary administration. In a legal sense, we are your employer, and your work is carried out in accordance with our collective agreement, but in compliance with the conditions established by the organization where you work.


The housing of employees from the CEE countries is an obligation of a good employer. The housing provided fulfills all of the requirements established by the SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen).


Of course it is also possible for you to receive training or be retrained. More and more employers are requesting qualified workers. We always discuss the possibilities with the organization where you work.